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Letsmote Interview
with Kellie Nicholson

What are the 3 secrets to success, which lie within us itself?
> Possibility
Anyone can sit in their chair and dream, but what is unique in successful people is that they believe
their ideas are possible.  Great ideas float in the ethos just waiting to be snatched by the dreamers
of the world.  The belief that their odds of becoming a success are slim is enough to prevent many
talented people from taking chances, ensuring that those people will never realize their dreams.  But
the successful person knows that any possibility can turn into reality, so they dare to pursue their

> Preparation
Success is very much part luck, but certainly no accident.  It’s important to be polished and prepared
when opportunity comes knocking at the door.  Those who take time to better themselves, who work
hard and who adapt to change are more likely to find themselves on the path to success.  

> Perseverance
Commitment to your goals is vital - through thick and through thin, come rain or come shine.  The
ability to navigate the rough waters of life and the determination to face obstacles that may seem
insurmountable are crucial to finding success.  There will always be hurdles in our path, but the
survivors are the ones who learn to jump them, crawl under them or knock them aside.  To a
successful person, failure means only two things:  try again and try harder.

Can every great idea be turned into a success?
Not every great idea can be turned into success, because there are usually so many external
factors involved.  Great ideas only work if they are possible to execute, and even then, they must
be viable to the circumstances.  Successful people don’t give up, but they know when to change

What is the moral to learn from each of your books?
Find Your Excellence is a workbook of self-assessment activities and esteem-building exercises.  
Rather than just listening to a motivational lecture, working through these activities and exercises
accelerates the process of self-improvement.  The main lesson of the book is that it is our greatest
obligation to live up to our full potential.

Tales of the Lioness is a collection of stories about women who have overcome great obstacles in
life.  Each story has its own lesson, but the moral message of the book is that we can survive the
most horrendous emotional pain, we can accomplish the greatest feats and we can learn from every

Can we say that technology has changed the way self help experts can help people across
the globe?
Technology has surely changed the way self-help experts can help people worldwide.  Providing a
forum for eBooks, videos, audio and social networking sites like Letsmote.com, the Internet has
opened the window of self-improvement to the entire world.