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The Lioness
a female with fierce courage
Here's a list of some famous lionesses that we admire.  You might want to make your own list
of women you look up to.   It’s important to have role models.  

Oprah Winfrey is the Queen of the Jungle, because she has been a role model for women
all over the world.  She is admired by both men and women, young and old.  This treasured
woman will go down in history for her many accomplishments and for her influence on people
all over the world.  She has had a greater impact on how we live, than presidents, inventors
and religious leaders of our time.  When we look back on the past few decades, we can see
how she touched the lives of men and women of all races in countries spanning the globe.  

Princess Diana is Her Royal Lioness, because she single-handedly changed the ideals of
the British Monarchy.   It was not Prince Charles or Princess Diana’s fault for the failure of
their marriage.  They both made mistakes and both did their best to find happiness.  The
ways of the monarchy were out-of-date and, unfortunately, Princess Diana and Prince
Charles were victims of circumstance.  It was Princess Diana’s courage to speak the truth
that changed the antiquated thinking of the royals.  To most of us, she will always be Her
Royal Highness Princess Diana, The Queen of Hearts.

Susan B. Anthony fought until the day she died against slavery and for women's rights.

Rosa Parks, there is no one more a Lioness than she, a woman of fierce courage.  Rosa
Parks stood up for what is right by refusing to sit at the back of the bus.

Gloria Steinem, an early leader of the feminist movement, MS. Gloria Steinem paved the
way for all women today.

Marianne Williamson, with grace and honor, Marianne Williamson teaches peace, love and
harmony to the world.

Naomi Wolf teaches women that their voices can change the world.

Katherine Hepburn, a woman of free speech, she always spoke her mind.

Amelia Earhart was a trailblazer of aviation for both men and women.

Tina Turner stood on her own two feet (and gorgeous legs), took charge of her life and
found great success.

Paula Dean used her talents to show all of us that we can do anything we put our mind to.

Emily Dickinson used her flair for words to write a collection of poetry,  which is a literary
Queen of the Jungle
Her Royal Lioness
Mother of all Lionesses
Godmother of all Lionesses
Lioness of Love
There is a Lioness in every woman.  All over the world women raise their children,
serve in politics, practice medicine, volunteer to help charities and stand up for
their rights.  Be a Lioness and give other lady cats your support.

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